CBD for Pets

CBD for Pets

Natural And Organic, Non-Psychoactive, Healing

Animals have a comparable endocannabinoid system as people do.

Being from San Diego and loving pets the method we do, we’re very excited to supply owners CBD oil remedies at your Mission Valley cannabis boutique in hillcrest.

At March and Ash, owners are educated by our Cannabis Concierges regarding the healing abilities of CBD, what’s best with their s that are dog(, and offered alternatives for different natural oils and treats.

Our company is thrilled with all the possibility of offering back once again to our community.

We’ve formed partnerships with VETCBD and dog that is local and rescue groups. For this end, we’re supplying complimentary CBD oil to those teams for dogs within their care.

We’re deeply appreciative associated with great work all the area shelters and rescues do to find pets safe, loving domiciles. One of many teams we’ve partnered with is “The Animal Pad.” They’re unique for the reason that they assist dogs on both sides for the edge. More →