Missouri Hemp Extract Registration System

Missouri Hemp Extract Registration System

Description: Pursuant to Section 192.945, RSMo, and 19 CSR 20-51.010, the Missouri Hemp Extract Registration Program provides Missouri residents with intractable epilepsy an enrollment card which allows them to legitimately have and use hemp extract in Missouri to deal with epilepsy that is intractable. Per part 195.207 hemp extract is described as an extract from a cannabis plant or a mix or planning containing plant product that is made up of no further than three-tenths percent tetrahydrocannabinol by fat; consists of at the very least five per cent cannabidiol by fat; and possesses no other psychoactive substance.

Missouri Hemp Extract Registration Card Information

  • The Missouri Hemp Extract Registration Card allows the registrant to get hemp extract in one for the two facilities certified in this https://cbdoilrating.net continuing state because of the Missouri Department of Agriculture. For more information on these facilities, contact MDA at 573-751-8558 or check out their website at http://agriculture.mo.gov/hemp.php.

Registration Card:

  • is valid for just one only (must re-apply for continued registration) year;
  • is required to have the hemp extract from the cultivation and production center certified in Missouri. You will find presently two facilities in Missouri certified by the Missouri Department of Agriculture creating hemp extract. More →