Sex and Seniors: The 70-Year Itch. Horny old broads, dirty old guys.

Sex and Seniors: The 70-Year Itch. Horny old broads, dirty old guys.

These commonly used terms speak volumes how society views the elderly who’re thinking about intercourse.

Professionals state such derogatory labels mirror a deep degree of vexation within our youth-oriented tradition using the indisputable fact that seniors are intimately active. Intercourse is identified with reproduction, youthful attractiveness, and power — & most young and also middle-aged individuals don’t want to confront the inevitability of growing older.

Therefore intimacy that is sexual older People in america is a topic that individuals do not speak about much. The silence, state specialists, permits misconceptions to thrive — like the assumption that is widespread seniors lose need for sex and they are, or should really be, asexual.

But equipped with a spate of studies which help dispel the misconception that the elderly don’t possess intercourse or relish it, specialists state the stereotypes that are negativen’t be further through the truth.

“there’s absolutely no age limitation on sex and activity that is sexual” states Stephanie A. Sanders, PhD, connect safe manager associated with intimate research group The Kinsey Institute. Whilst the frequency or power to perform intimately will generally drop modestly because seniors feel the normal physiological changes that accompany aging, reports reveal that almost all women and men involving the ages of 50 and 80 continue to be thinking about intercourse and closeness. More →